Steve Case

Steve Case has over 20 years of progressive new business development and account management experience across multiple technology professional service disciplines. At Semantic Arts, Steve takes on a dual role of expanding the sales footprint while overseeing staffing responsibilities with the team of Ontology management consultant experts. He serves as the primary communication point for customer engagement, resource coordination, proposal generation, account care, and delivery escalation. His strength is in collaborating with business leaders to understand the business problems and desired outcomes, while identifying and bringing the right talent mixture to successfully find solutions. This includes accountability for meeting client expectations, maximizing customer satisfaction, and securing on-going, trustworthy working relationships.

Melissa Mitchell

Melissa joined Semantic Arts in summer 2015 as the corporate office’s Chaos Mitigator (a.k.a., Office Manager). Before joining the team, Melissa spent the previous 10 years writing creatively for local periodicals and technically (with a creative twist) for corporate entities. She earned her BA in English, Creative Writing from Colorado State University in May of 2005 and continues to write in her free time. For Semantic Arts, Melissa dedicates her skills to keeping projects on track and on budget, fine tuning our communications, and maintaining general order and conformity within the ranks.

Ryann Faul

Ryann joined Semantic Arts in Summer of 2019 as the corporate office’s Human Resources Generalist & Marketing Manager. Before joining the team, Ryann spent time working in Human Resources at Endurance International Group. Before that, she worked as a Marketing Specialist at Constant Contact & was a Freelance marketer for Small Businesses across the United States. She earned her B.S. in Behavioral Sciences and her B.A. in Technical Communications from Colorado State University. Ryann’s areas of expertise include social media & email marketing, employee relations & performance management, HRIS, talent acquisition, and benefit & comp management. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and dog.


C.J. Whelan

C.J. is the C.E.O and business development arm of Authentric Events, helping to ensure a smooth and productive DataCentric Architecture Forum event.

Matt Faye

Matt is the creative director and livestream producer at Authentric Events, a virtual event and media provider. The DCA Forum event platform is the end result of months of conceptual development with one goal in mind — get events out of zoom and into an environment that behaves like live events used to, when we could all gather in the same location, meet people, dive deep into topics, tour vendors in person, and feel like we are part of an event. 

Kyle Hanley

Kyle is the event experience engineere at Authentric Events, helping to ensure a smooth and productive DataCentric Architecture Forum event.