Updated Speaker Instructions and Live Stream Guest Links

Welcome Speakers!

Step 1 — Review all these steps.

Step 2 — Then click on the “Live Steam Producer” tab on the left 

Let me know you are here, and that you are ready. I may have my hands full at any moment, so be patient.

Step 3 — Wait for word from Matt before proceeding!

Step 4 — Discuss any changes or additional instructions on your presentation with Matt

Step 5 — When given the thumbs up, proceed to the “Vimeo Stand-by” tab and click the “Join” link

Enter your name in the name field and I will add you to the live stream mixing board.

Step 6 — Watch and wait

Remember, once in, your mic may be “hot”, so send chat texts only to communicate. Have a great presentation!

Important: To eliminate audio echo, we recommend using a headphone as your “audio out” on your computer. This can be a blue-tooth ear phone or a headset plugged into your audio jack.

Tips and Tricks

NOTE: when you enter the Speaker room from the link below, audio between the Live Stream Producer is disabled intentionally, as your audio is set to go live. This could give you a feeling of being cut-off or isolated. Use the chat feature any time to communicate with the Live Stream Producer or check your status.

If you have submitted presentation slides, the steaming producer will have them on deck, and will operate and advance your slides for you, and cut back and forth between you and your slide presentation. Feel free to give him any additional instruction on your slide advancement during your presentation. If you would like to go back a slide for instance, simply say “can we go back to that last slide for a moment”.

If you plan on sharing and operating slide or video content yourself, use the “share screen” icon at the top left of your guest portal. Select “Share Application Window”.

After your presentation, leave the Live Stream by simply closing your browsers tab and returning to the event tab, where you will likely go to a follow-up Q&A in the Sessions tab.

Relax. Check your teeth in the camera for any leftover breakfast, and have a great presentation.